Help with creating new and exciting innovations on Stellar and NFTs!

The JPEG DAO is seeking to help fund new and exciting projects in Crypto!
Here is your opportunity to receive the necessary funding to make sure your project is a success!

So if you are interested in advancing decentralized governance on Stellar or creating unique NFT experiences, the Innovation Grant is for you.


Innovation is a loaded word. It can mean one of countless things. What makes a project innovative? At the JPEG DAO we look at Innovation as a way to bring awareness to artists, NFT projects, and the Stellar Network as a whole.


It’s What We Do.

Innovative projects within the JPEG DAO can be related to art, gaming, music, film, media, virtual reality, augmented reality, education, advancements in applications and technology, and more. If there is something you believe is innovative, pitch your idea to us and we may award a grant!

Here is what we need to know:


To apply for an Innovation Grant, answer these questions on the application form:

Provide your primary contact email for the committee to reach you if your grant is awarded.

What region of the world are you from?

What aspects of the JPEG DAO attracted you to consider being a part of the community?

What areas of the NFT space do you specialize in?

Can you provide previous works/samples from your portfolio and/or examples of previous sales?

Which crypto platforms do you work on?

Describe the project you are planning on obtaining JPEG DAO funding to create. In what way is this project unique compared to other projects?

What project would you launch with the applied funding?

What is the timeframe for the said project?

How much funding are you applying for (USD amount)? Please provide a detailed budget showing how requested funds will be spent.

Would non-monetary support be needed, as well?

Does the funding of the project benefit JPEG members, utilize JPEG tokens and/or utilize JPEG NFTs?

What would you like to see being developed in the NFT space that is not there yet?

Apply today and the innovation committee will review your request.

Apply now! Receive funding for YOUR project!