A community dedicated to providing its members with unparalleled NFT experiences

To receive your NFT tokens you must have held JPEG (either 10k or 100k) for the previous month.

For the top 50 LP Liquidity Providers rewards there will be a random snap shot. 
At the snap shot, the top 25 LP providers will be rewarded with a whopping 25k JPEG and the next 25 will receive a huge 10k JPEG! 

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Asset issuer:


Look out for your new Silver & Gold Member NFT token!
You will find it in your claimable balances.

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Our mission is simple: Provide our members with amazing NFT experiences!  To become a member simply purchase 10,000 JPEG tokens on any app with access to the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX).  Not sure how to do this or don't have the funds?  No problem!  Join our Discord Channel and we can help you out.  You can also help us and earn your membership.  As a DAO, (Distributed Autonomous Organization) we are managed by our members and owned by nobody.  Eventually, all major financial and governance decisions will be performed on public blockchains using JPEG tokens by JPEG members!          

A DAO, or Distributed Autonomous Organization, aspires to manage all decisions through automated processes and votes recording on a public blockchain ledger. In reality, a DAO is a community with no hierarchy driving towards goals and utilizing blockchain to execute major decisions. 

The JPEG DAO is seeking to help fund new and exciting projects in Crypto! Here is your opportunity to receive the necessary funding to make sure your project is a success!

The JPEG DAO is looking to curate original artwork from artists of all backgrounds! Submit your art here and you may be selected to receive $JPEG in exchange for curation on our official Litemint page.

Come and earn some $JPEG by completing tasks onto the bounty board, the DAO is very interested in Bounty Board winner, we are looking for more people to come and help the DAO in it's mission to bring the best NFT experience around

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